How to put a cover on the wheel of your car

It is a fact that the steering wheels inevitably wear out with use, even more so if we use the car daily. Leather-wrapped ruffles are particularly delicate; if we do not treat them well, hydrating them and taking care of them with care , they can deteriorate quickly. Regardless of the material your steering wheel is, if the damage has already been done, there is a solution that will allow you to renew the image of your car. Do you want to know how to put a cover on the wheel?

How to choose a cover for your steering wheel

Due to everyday wear and tear, it is normal for the material that covers the steering wheel of your car to deteriorate. There is nothing better to protect it than to put on a protective cover. In order to install it step by step it is necessary to choose the one that best suits the size of your car.

Therefore, it is necessary to correctly measure the dimensions of this. In this video we tell you how to do it correctly so that you can select the most suitable cover.

Once the diameter of the steering wheel has been measured, you can choose between the different options that are offered in the market. In the spare parts stores you will find a multitude of designs and materials. Although you will be able to choose between different finishes, it is recommended that you decide on leather, since it is much more resistant than other materials to weather conditions. You can also opt for different types:

· Elastic covers

· Stitched covers

The former are much easier to install, but the finish of the latter is much more professional and the results are better.

How to install the best steering wheel cover step by step

When you already have the right cover and that best suits the aesthetic and functional needs of your vehicle, it is time to install it. It is a simple process, but it requires following some steps so that the finish is impeccable and above all, that this accessory of your vehicle does not harm you when driving.

Clean the area

To proceed with the installation it is necessary to prepare the area. The first thing you should do is clean the steering wheel with alcohol and a soft cloth, in these ways you will be able to remove the dust and stains that have accumulated.

Prepare the case

If you are going to install an elastic cover it is convenient to prepare it. The first thing you should do is remove the packaging and labels. Next, apply a little heat with a dryer so that it becomes more moldable and can be adjusted much better to the steering wheel.

Fit the case

First, you will need to put the cover on the steering wheel. You should always start at the top of this , fitting the cover in this area. Fit it around you so that it is as tight as possible.

Now extend the cover on both sides to fit it over the rest of the surface, to do this use your fingers to stretch it little by little so that it extends over the steering wheel until it covers it completely. Stretch it firmly so that it fits well.

Sew the cover

Whether your cover is elastic or not, there is the possibility of sewing it at the wheel to achieve better results and a much more professional finish for your wheel. The first thing you should do is get a needle and thread.

Most covers designed for this purpose include a special needle and thread kit for installation. The needle should be strong and have a large eye so you can thread a thick thread.

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